Building “XYZ for India”- cut, copy and paste solutions

The rise and rise of the Indian startup ape-

The Indian startup ecosystem has been making news for quite some time now. Every other week or fortnight a new, almost uncommon startup enters the unicorn club. This has become such a normal phenomenon that people like you and I have come to believe that maybe the unicorn club is not as elite and hard to get in after all.

Imitation is the innovation?

If a start-up clones or imitates a solution from westernised economies and moulds them according to the local market to get their hands on some quick cash, it is highly unlikely that they can scale sustainably. This is not me but years of data and research suggesting that multiple startups have and will die a slow death by being mere copycats.

Can Indian clones ever beat their global counterparts?

Call them copycats if you want, but India’s prudent entrepreneurs are filling emerging market gaps with tried and tested business models. The game is of execution and not the idea of a product.



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Rithhvi Somani

Rithhvi Somani

I write about things that may not make headlines but are relevant and interesting.